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Digital code, to be emailed upon receipt of BTCZ. Taking offers.
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The Next Great Quake Multiplayer Game: Quake’s signature rocket jumping, skill-based competition, and incredible speed remains intact, providing veterans with a welcome return and new players a fresh way to showcase their multiplayer skills. Players will frag enemies using a variety of powerful weapons while battling their friends in four competitive game modes, including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Duel, and the team-focused Sacrifice.

Incredible, Diverse Champions: Quake Champions will introduce a roster of elite Champions, each equipped with unique attributes and abilities that are additive to Quake’s established gameplay. Champions are colorful, charismatic - and sometimes weird - and possess both an Active and Passive ability designed to enhance individual play styles. Players can choose a Champion based on abilities or style, from Quake vets like Ranger and Anarki, to newcomers like Sorlag and Scalebearer.

Uncompromising Weapons, Ready for Battle: Quake III Arena’s devastating arsenal of flesh-chewing weaponry, including fan-favorites like the thunderous Rocket Launcher, electrifying Lightning Gun, and snipe-tastic Railgun are back along with the Shotgun, Machine Gun, and the ever-personable melee-masher, the Gauntlet. Players can also acquire classic and alternate versions of weapons, including the Quake 1 Rocket Launcher, the Quake 2 Railgun, and more.

Intense Game Modes: Established and beloved game modes return, including the gib-filled fragfests of Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch and the competitive fury of 1v1 Duel mode.

Your Champion, Your Style: Players can upgrade and customize armor appearance, vanity items, weapons, and more. These add-ons will come in Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic forms through a loot box-style system. These boxes will be earned by leveling up, purchased using in-game currency that is rewarded through conquests, or purchasing through the in-game store for money.


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Digital code, to be emailed upon receipt of BTCZ. Taking offers.

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